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TV/MOVIE AU: sehun & luhan as werewolf & the hunter (teen wolf); for xin.

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Baekhyun Filipino Version 

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Just Finished Watching “Ma Boy” I Really Love this Cute Drama♥


Am I to late ? Hyun Woo ( Ma boy ) 
  • TV Show: Ma Boy
  • Revised romanization: Maboyi
  • Hangul:마보이
  • Plot

Geu-Rim (Kim So-Hyun) dreams of becoming a singer and enters the best arts high school in South Korea. Geu-Rim rooms with a popular CM star Irene (Sun Woong). Meanwhile, Irene has a secret. Irene is actually a boy who is prettier than most girls.

Just Finished Watching “Ma Boy” I Really Love this Cute Drama ♥


Kim Sun Woong

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Kai cracking up during Suho’s speech

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